Could I be a TV Junkie??

OK…… I am coming to the conclusion that I am a TV junkie. And not just a normal, run of the mill TV junkie but a SUPER DUPER DORKY TV JUNKIE! Why is this you may ask? Well, it is because I seem to be a fan of reality shows. And not the cool reality shows but the corny, nerdy, weirdo ones that are almost embarrassing to admit that you watch! And it really makes me crazy because I watch these shows and get sooooooo aggravated with the people on them that it takes quite a bit to keep me from throwing things at my TV! But if I did that, what would I watch all of these terrible reality shows on??
My favorite reality show right now is ROCK OF LOVE BUS on VH1. Not only is it a matchmaking show but he is on tour at the same time and bringing the contestants with him in their own tour buses. OH MY GOD what is wrong with these women? Really? They are completely out of their minds! The way they dress….. the way they act. Some of them I like to “lovingly” call White Trash Barbie. Wonder what I mean by that? Take a look at an episode and you will understand COMPLETELY! Not a week goes by that I don’t wonder why I watch the show every week but by the end, I have remembered..... It’s because it is so darn funny and ridiculous all at the same time!
Another one that I am amazed that I watch is The Bachelor. I got suckered into The Bachelorette and the current Bachelor was on that show and made it to the final 2 but Deanna chose the other guy and now broke up with him. (I am so not a fan of hers right now!!) But I watch these women THROWING themselves at this guy and can’t help but wonder what the heck is wrong with them? He is a good looking guy, seems to be a very nice guy but these women are acting like a bunch of psycho-stalkers! I am amazed that The Bachelor has not gone running in fear from these women. And he has a child! I wonder if his son is freaked out by them? I don’t understand how he couldn’t be. They are like vultures! And they are acting like idiots on NATIONAL TV!
Now, something that I have noticed, especially on The Bachelor, is that none of these women have an ounce of meat on their bones! They are thinner than a sheet of paper. On Rock of Love Bus, there are a few women that have a little meat on them but not many. What is the fascination with these skinny, boney women? Do these men want a woman they can crack in half if she gets out of control? When are we going to see a matchmaking reality show with Full Figured women as contestants? I know that there are a few men out there that like their women with some meat……. At least 3 or 4…… so where are they? I guess Fat Chicks don’t make good reality TV. I guess maybe I should start thinking of a formula to make it work for us Fat Chicks………