True Beauty

I started watching this show on ABC called True Beauty (Mon 10pm). If you don’t watch it, I will give a brief explanation of the show: a bunch of “beautiful people” are competing to be THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PERSON IN AMERICA but they are not only being judged on looks but on actions too, the kicker is that they don’t know it. Each week, they are put in situations where they need to prove that they are kind or generous to others as well as physically beautiful. 1 person is eliminated each week.
I have watched 2 episodes and THE PRETTY PEOPLE ARE NUTS!! And some of them are downright mean to each other as well as everyone around them. As I watch this show and how terrible these people are, I have to wonder WHY?? What do they have to be so damn mean about? As I sat there thinking about how if I had their “problems” I would never be as mean and vicious as these people are, I think I figured it out…….THEY ARE HUNGRY!! They are so worried about keeping themselves beautiful that they never eat anything. A big meal for these people is a Diet Coke and a pretzel with a TicTac for dessert. A lack of food can make you crazy sometimes I bet. I know when I go without food for a while, I get a little loopy but these people are insane! I bet if we went and fed these people some burgers, fries, pizza and onion rings, they would be a heck of a lot nicer. I know when I have eaten a meal of good food that I really like, I am really pleasant to be around so maybe we should try it on these pretty people. If I knew where they were, I would call Domino’s in their area and place an order for like 15 pizzas and subs with some Mountain Dew and Pepsi’s to drink. Too bad McDonald’s or Burger King don’t deliver because I would have some Big Mac’s and Whopper’s with milk shakes delivered too. We’ll get them drunk on calories and fat grams!! Well, it’s just a thought.