Food....... Magic?

As I have mentioned over and over and over again, I am an emotional/stress eater and right now my world if full of nothing but STRESS!! Why does my brain tell me that eating is going to make everything better? So far, my brain has been wrong in this area but I am not sure how to let it know. Something seems to happen when things get all freaky deaky in my world – My brain tells me that eating a pizza is going to make my parents fighting not as bad or eating a burger will resolve the fight that I have just had with a friend or eating a tray of lasagna will make getting laid off not quite so bad. Does my brain know something that no one else knows? If so, we need to get the word out so that President Elect Obama can get this war we are in resolved by eating Subs – meatball and italian subs. Maybe this whole banking issue can be fixed by eating Chinese food – egg rolls and wontons. And the real estate problems, maybe those can be fixed by eating some cake – red velvet and devils food! My brain has figured out what the rest of the world needs to know – FOOD IS MAGIC! The divorce rate will drop because couples wanting one will be able to eat philly cheesesteaks and potatoe chips and everything will be better! There will be no more fights within families because eating a turkey and stuffing will make everyone get along.
If only this were the case but I am a prime example that it isn’t! Eating has not solved any of my problems. In fact, it has probably made all of my problems worse. I wish that I could find that magic potion that would make all of my problems go away because I would take it, bottle it and sell it on the open market and become a millionaire!! Since I don’t see that happening any time soon, I guess I will just have to work on dealing with these things in my own way and hopefully come across a better way to deal with my issues. Wish me luck!


lisalgreer said...

Have you tried Radiant Recovery? It's the only thing that has worked for me. I know the food is magic thing quite well... :)