Thanksgiving: The Most Evil of All Holidays!

I love the holidays, really! But considering my current life journey, a holiday that revolves around eating seems to be a bit of a joke!! I mean, I am a FAT CHICK who is wanting to loose some weight and how do we loose weight but to STOP EATING!! We have been planning our Thanksgiving menu since last week and we did the Thanksgiving shopping yesterday to avoid the mad rush of Wednesday.

Now, I come from a large family of eaters! We LOVE TO EAT so Thanksgiving has been a favorite Holiday as far back as I remember. My grandmother would start cooking 2 days early and we would eat ALL DAY LONG - It was great. My family is now spread out across the country so Thanksgiving isn’t what it use to be but we still have a great time and have fabulous food!

I love my Mother, really I do but she likes to pick up strays around the holidays. She meets people who don’t have family in the area and adopts them, especially at this time of year. Now, to an extent, I don’t mind this but there are times when I wish she would think it through. Like Thanksgiving…… we are a family of big eaters and some people just aren’t use to that and might get scared at the dinner table. Personally, I would like to avoid the look of fear in Susy Strays eyes when we lunge at the table like a bunch of starving tigers and begin ripping the turkey apart and inhaling the baked macaroni but Mom sees it differently. She doesn’t seem to see a problem with the Stray hiding and wimpering under the table when we start hand shoveling mashed potatoes in our mouths and pouring gravy into our mouths directly from the gravy boat. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t think I want some little stranger witnessing this yearly ritual. I mean, why bother with utensils or dinner ware? That’s just another load in the dishwasher and this is a Holiday, right? And why clean the table before taking the after dinner nap? We are just gonna start eating again when we wake up so we can just leave the table as is when we fall asleep in place after we finish eating. At this point, Susie Stray has probably locked herself in the bathroom and is crying for someone to come and save her because she probably suspects that SHE IS DESSERT! Which is totally wrong because we have cheesecake, coffee cake, apple pie, ice cream, Boston Cream Pie, coconut cake and jell-o, why would we waste dessert on her when we have all that!

OK, so this is a huge exageration as I hope you have guessed by now. I guess what I am saying is that this, in my opinion, is a holiday for family and close friends, not for strangers because they just don’t understand the strange habits of a family!

Much love to all and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!