Thank God I don’t live in Alabama

Last night I was doing some late night online reading and came across an article that knocked me off of my bed and caused me to cry for my Mommy!
The state of Alabama has just approved a plan that will charge its employees a monthly “penalty” if they do not loose weight to the states satisfaction within a year. The state normally does not charge it’s employees for health insurance but they will begin to Jan 2010 if they are unable to loose weight if they are deemed obese after a medical screening. If they are deemed overweight , they have a year to become “healthy” or they will begin to have to pay for their health insurance.
Is it me or does that sound a bit like DISCRIMINATION? I mean it is Alabama so maybe they don’t know any better but you would think that someone in the state would realize that this is not the smartest thing to do.
This is like McDonald’s saying that people with blonde hair have to pay more for their Big Mac’s than anyone else. Or Wal-Mart charging people with blue eyes for bags and not charging anyone else.
What do you think? Can someone out there find a way to help me understand this a little better?