A Wikizine!!!

I was chatting with someone who reads my blog regularly and they gave me a genius idea...... maybe I should start a Wikizine!! OK, at first, I wasn't sure what the heck a wikizine was but I am GREAT at Google and Ask.com so I quickly found out without anyone realizing that I wasn't sure in the first place! (Sometimes I am just too smart!) Just in case you don't know what it is, a wikizine is a web-based magazine that any reader can update or add to. Doesn't that sound like fun! I have been thinking it over for a few days and decided that this is a GREAT IDEA! I found a site that hosts wikizines and started one for me, you and anyone else who is interested. And are you ready for the name......... Don't Hate Me Because I am BIG AND BEAUTIFUL. Now, what I need from you are ideas on what we want there. Articles....... reviews....... what would interest YOU? This may fall flat on its butt or it could end up being something fantastic, help me figure it out!!