To dress or not to dress.... that is the question

You would think that I would stop shopping at Wally World (what I “lovingly” call Wal-Mart) but nope, not me! I guess I must like the amusement and abuse that it provides to me.
While shopping at Wally World yesterday I was RUDELY reminded that it is summertime. Now, don’t get me wrong, summertime is nice most of the time but it can be a little hot sometimes but that is what air conditioning is for, right?? What I don’t like about summertime is that there are some people that feel as though summertime is an excuse to forget to wear clothing when they leave their homes. And I am not just talking about teenagers or kids or model-types. Now, I am not sure why this is but it is an unfortunate part of reality.
I was shopping in Wally World, fully clothed I feel that I should add, and saw all of the normal people that you see during an adventure in Wal-Mart - Moms and kids, teenagers, grandma and grandpa, etc. As I was looking in the sheet sets, I came across someone who apparently felt that it was just too hot or it would be too much trouble to wear what most normal people would call “clothing”. I am all for dressing cool during these hot months but this was just a bit ridiculous in my opinion, not to mention out dated!! As I stood looking at sheet sets, a very friendly woman came around the corner and proceeded to talk to me about how expensive sheet sets are now-a-days. I turned to smile at Ms Friendly and I saw the most INVENTIVE and creative outfit I have seen in quite a long time. She had on what looked like a bright blue strapless tube mini dress, a bright yellow mesh tank top and a pair of white high top Converse tennis shoes with blue socks. Now, I am not talking jersey mesh like you see on a football or basketball jersey but that 80’s dancer mesh. She looked like she walked right out of a really bad 80’s movie or she had just stepped out of a time machine with Bill and Ted and had a not so excellent adventure in a shopping mall. She was not a small woman either. Not that this matters but a “woman of size” should wear more clothing because it is just inappropriate to show so much skin when there is so much skin to show. I guess it amazes me that a large woman would feel that this was an appropriate outfit to wear out in public. I don’t understand that at all. I want to cover as much of me as possible when I go out and spare the general public from the fear that my half naked body may cause them because God knows I don’t want to see it on someone else!
I guess that is just the opinion of this fat chick…. What do YOU wear on these hot summer days??


JenNipps said...


Your blog came up in my Google alerts because I also have a "Confessions of a Fat Chick" blog, though mine's on WordPress.

When it's hot, at home, I'll wear a tank-top and shorts. WHen I go out anywhere, forget it! I'll wear capris and a t-shirt. Not quite as cool as the tank top, but no one needs to see that! *s*

(I would actually venture to say the same applies for the unplus-sizes amongst us.)