Down Home with the NASTY’S!

As I have mentioned before, I am a total Food Network freak! No, it isn’t my porn but I do enjoy watching it! (Smart asses!)

Every Sunday morning, we watch all of the shows on FN while we have breakfast and read the paper. It has become a part of the “weekend tradition”. Well, we got distracted talking and one of our least favorites shows came on before we got a chance to change the channel – Down Home with The Neely’s. We have started to call the show DOWN HOME WITH THE NASTY’S because the Neely’s are perverts! He’s always trying to steal her “brown sugar” and she is always calling him “Daddy”! I am all for having some “romance” in the kitchen but maybe we should avoid foreplay in the kitchen while BBQing ribs and making potato salad on national television! Have a little respect for the general public! And every week it is the same thing – she bosses him around and he runs around the kitchen like a chicken with his head cut off all while playing GRAB ASS!! Is this really necessary? If people want to see this kind of “cooking”, they should put it on PAY PER VIEW and not on normal television. I think my dogs are beginning to have some issues – Zoe runs and hides under the bed wimpering when the show comes on and Jaz growls at the TV for the entire 30 minutes! Maybe they aren’t the only ones with issues because of the show - I feel dirty when I see brown sugar and Mom breaks out in hives when she sees BBQ sauce! This is just wrong! We can’t be the only ones that have noticed. And now they have a 2nd show, Road Tasted with The Neely’s. This is freakin’ great – now The Nasty’s are taking the show on the road. Watch out if they come to your town, hide your families!


Tudy said...

Oh shit that is so true!! I dont even watch it anymore becaus it was getting really weird... hum

ha ha