Damn Magazines!!

As far back as I can remember, I have loved magazines. When I was a teenager, there was nothing better than sitting in my room reading Glamour or Seventeen. As I got a little older, Cosmo got into the mix. I had stacks and stacks of magazines on my bookshelf because I never wanted to get rid of them so I DIDN’T! As time has gone by, I have grown and matured but I am becoming more and more frustrated with magazines. “Why all the frustration, Fat Chick?” you are probably asking yourself. Well, let me tell you…..There are very few, if any magazines for women like ME! Let’s face it, Glamour, Allure, Cosmo, Marie Claire, etc - these are all for the anorexic, partying, teenage, supermodel types, not FAT CHICKS like me!! I look thru these fashion magazines and all I see are articles on how to loose 5 lbs or how to make sure that your stripped hose don’t clash with your plaid mini skirt or, better yet, what products to use to get your hair to stand up at least 8 inches on top of your head! Then, to add insult to injury, some of these magazines have these WONDERFUL “Do and Don’t” columns that ALWAYS show slightly heavy women in the DON’T pictures and severely anorexic women in the DO pictures. I have nothing against thin people but do these publishing companies have something against me, an overweight woman? I looked through an issue of Glamour last night and by the time I got to page 178, I wanted to cry! As I turned the pages, I saw nothing that related to someone like me. The advertisements were for overpriced handbags and perfumes, the pictorials were for clothing that no normal women would be caught dead in and the articles were written for celebutants! As I sat on my bed reading though the magazine and my frustration grew, I glanced over at my dresser and saw my big box of Sharpies (I have a small obsession with Sharpies so I have quite a few – basic colors, tropical colors, metalics, etc) and I got the most ingenious idea!! I crawled over to the dresser, got my Sharpies and prepared myself for a little “Fat Chick” fun! As I browsed through the magazine, I “enhanced” the pictures. I gave some of the models hot pink mustaches, others metallic blue ponytails, others 30 extra bright turquoise pounds and still others I just decorated the pictures in whatever way made me happy! As much fun as I had coloring and destroying that issue of Glamour, I realized that this didn’t change the fact that there are really no magazines for “Full Figured” women like me. Why is that? Do “full figured” or heavy women not deserve a fashion magazine? Do we not spend as much money on clothing and accessories as our skinny counterparts? Sometimes, I think we spend more but that is just my opinion. I did an internet search and the only one that I could really find is Figure magazine – One magazine for a group that accounts for more than half of the population. How is that fair! Do they think that the food magazines make up for it? I don’t think so! Oh well, I guess it is the price I pay for being a FAT CHICK.