What am I? Used Coffee Grounds?

I did something last week that I normally don’t do – I actually left work in the middle of my day to run an errand. I never leave work because once I leave, I don’t want to go back. Why put myself through that? I had to run to the bank so I decided to just do it - CONSEQUENCES BE DAMNED! My little errand also gave me the chance to go to Starbucks for some “liquid love” – an iced vanilla caramel latte. I decided to go inside because I wanted to get some coffee beans for the Moms. As I walked into the store, I got my normal greeting from the barista “Welcome to Starbucks – Can we help you find anything?” I looked around to see if I saw a familiar face, my barista crush Nick, but I didn’t see him so I figured he wasn’t working and went about my search for Mom’s decaf. As usual, I was completely distracted by the coffee cups and tumblers and as I sat at a table looking at a few cups, I heard someone from behind me and ask how I was doing. As I turned I saw Nick walking towards me, I laughed (as my little heart fluttered) and asked how he was doing. He sat at the table with me and we talked for a few minutes. Nothing big, just small talk and chit chat. (No, we aren’t planning a wedding or naming kids). As we talked, a Tiny Tammy came into the store, walked to the counter and asked if Nick was there. I pointed in her direction and said “Looks like you have a fan, better not keep her waiting.” He laughed and told me that he was on a break and someone else could help her. We continued talking and Tiny Tammy came over to the table, stood between Nick and I and began talking to him. Tiny Tammy acted as if I didn’t exist, like it was not possible for Nick, the cute Barista, to actually want to have a conversation with a fat chick! Oh no, can’t have an attractive guy talking to someone who was not 5”6’, 110 lbs, blonde hair and blue eyed – that would be just uncivilized! I went back to looking at the coffee cups that I had at the table with me when Nick looked past Tiny Tammy and asked if I could excuse him for a minute. I smiled and said “sure, no problem” and minded my own business again. I guess all the world would be made right again, the cute Barista walks into the sunset with the boney bimbo. About a minute later, I heard Nick tell Tammy that one of the girls behind the counter would be happy to help her, he was on a break and chatting with a friend. I heard this and figured that one of the people who just walked in was a friend of his but, to my surprise; Nick came back to the table and sat with me again. Could I be that friend that he spoke of?? Me? Be still my beating heart… He apologized for the interruption, explaining that the Bimbo comes in a few times a week and throws herself at him (his words, not mine) but he had no interest in her kind. Hmmmmm, no interest in a young, attractive woman? What was his interest? Old, hideous sea hags? Or maybe hairy, smelly trolls? But a FAT CHICK?? It couldn’t be!! We chatted for another 15-20 minutes and then I had to get back to the office – Darn this adulthood and all of its responsibilities!! He took the coffee beans for the Moms and ground them for me. When he rang up my total, it seemed low – AGAIN! What a nice guy, he only charged me for a ½ pound but I got a full pound. When I went by Mom’s a day or 2 later to give her the coffee, it was hard to part with it but I did! I didn’t like it but I did it.


Thiz Bad Princezz... said...

You should just jump his bones already! lol Plus I would have totally said something really rude and snarky to her about manners or something.

Anonymous said...

My dtr and I were at a Starbucks yesterday. Gee...are they all that nice? What a great guy (our salesperson) and he took time to talk "coffee". When we left my dtr said, I'm sending my friend over there to meet him. I think it would be neat if they got together - they both like to talk. lol I tell you gal, I think this Nick is one very great guy. How often do you find someone who is interested in talking "to you", not just giving you lip service. I hate that. Wonderful blog!