Justin Timberlake....... Superhero??

First, Justin brings Sexy back. And boy are we lucky he did! Now he has to save the world in 4 minutes? At least he has help this time – Madonna and Timbaland . And how will Madonna and Timbaland help? They are both pretty powerful in the music world but in saving the entire world? Do they really have what it takes? I wonder if they will wear superhero costumes? If so, Justin should wear blue and Madonna should wear Jade green ….. but what about Timbaland?? Maybe a black mask and cape with a pair of , of course, Timberlands. And how is dancing going to save the world? What the heck happened? Was the world attacked by a band of hip-hop crazed dancing aliens? Did they come to earth in a bunch of disco balls? Did they start hypnotizing us with strobe lights and dance beats and make us do unspeakable things? Am I under there control now? I don’t think so, I feel fine. Anyway, How does Justin get himself into these situations? I mean, he is very talented but a Superhero, I don’t know about all that. I have to wonder, does Timbaland think he is helping by repeating that they are out of time and only have 4 minutes over and over and over and over again. And when does the 4 minutes begin?
If anyone can save us, Justin Timberlake is the man for the job!!