Dinner and the Hyena’s

I went to dinner Thursday night with a friend. We went to our usual place for some Margarita’s, “Crack Salsa” and girl talk. My friend got there a few minutes before I did and grabbed a table in the bar area. When I got to the table, I sat down and we did the typical girly catch-up – “how have you been?”, “How’s the family?”, etc.
As we were starting to really talk, I heard these loud screeches and howls coming from the table just around the corner from us. I glance over and there are these 3 women, who had to be in at least their late 20’s but I am thinking early 30’s, all hovering over the cell phone of one and all laughing and cackling like pre-teen girls talking to a boy for the first time. Once they quieted down, I thought it would be just a one time thing but Boy was I wrong! Throughout our dinner and after dinner talking, these women hooped and hollered constantly…. And they weren’t always talking to each other!!! At one point, one was on her cell phone yelling at someone about cleaning dishes while the other 2 were very loudly talking about water…..YES! WATER!! Like the stuff that comes out of the tap in your kitchen. Can someone please explain to me how water is that interesting? No one? Anybody? Well, I guess it isn’t but these 2 certainly thought it was fascinating! We could not go 5 minutes without the HappyTime Triplets going into very loud hysterics about nose hairs or ear wax or hair products! These women were making me crazy!! I am all about enjoying your time out with friends, laughing and talking with each other but this was absolutely ridiculous! They placed their order after making the waitress come back to their table 4 times – I guess because their fascinating conversation about ear wax could not be interrupted by the ordering of dinner….IN A FREAKIN’ RESTAURANT of all places!! I mean what was that silly waitress thinking! And when they finally did order, the waitress needed a PhD in Decryption & Cryptography to understand what they wanted. One of them actually told the waitress that she wanted a cheeseburger but she didn’t want a full slice of cheese, she wanted the slice of cheese cut into strips before being put on her burger and it could not touch the tomatoes. Another wanted a salad but wanted the lettuce and the toppings on separate plates – WHY?? This makes no sense to me at all but it was what do I know? Maybe that’s how they do it in Crazy Town. And it was like once they started ordering and asking for things, they didn’t stop! Each time the poor waitress would walk by, they wanted something else – water, soda, fries, coffee, napkins, salt packets (nope, not a salt shaker, PACKETS!), among a bizarre assortment of other items that just didn’t seem normal or right! Between the “prank” phone calls they seemed to be making and the piercing hyena laughter, my friend and I were barely able to enjoy our dinner much less have a conversation. And on top of them being just plain obnoxious, THEY KEPT STARING AT US! Was our polite manner offending them? Was my make-up looking scary? Did my friend have eyeballs in the back of her head? And they were not trying to hide that they were staring at us. After a little while, I got a little creeped out by it.
And so much for hoping that they would leave before us and give us a little bit of peace because that just wasn’t happening! They must have closed the place down because we left and went and sat in my car and talked for a while and never saw them come out! That Poor Waitress! Better her than me!
Oh well, enough of this rant. I think I have a few more in me so STAY TUNED!!