you called me WHAT?

I was talking to someone at work recently about being “heavy” and we somehow got onto the various different terms that are used to describe someone that is overweight – Fat, heavy, Overweight, big, obese……. MORBIDLY OBESE….. I have heard this term over and over again but for some reason it really bothered me. Obese sounds bad enough but to add MORBIDLY to it is like saying “not only are you fat but YOU GONNA DIE!” Now, I completely understand that being overweight has its health risks, (They don’t call me THE FAT CHICK for nothing, ya’ know.) but is it really necessary to call us DEADLY FAT? That is a literal translation! We live in an intelligent society so I am sure that we could come up with better terms than Morbidly Obese – wait a minute, nevermind. This is the same society that has young girls and women believing that the only way to be beautiful is to be 5ft 10in , 105 lbs, blonde hair and blue eyed. Now that is a crock of crap if I ever heard one! I think we (and by we I mean us MORBIDLY OBESE) should come up with some alternative terms to use to refer to ourselves. Who better to come up with these terms? Some 5’10”, blonde haired, blue eyed, 115 lb model type – I THINK NOT!!

I am just fine with Fat but I know that some are not and that is OK. So, what shall we call ourselves? How about FLUFFY? We aren’t fat, we’re fluffy! That could be fun!
What about Plump? I’ve used that in the past and I like it. Maybe overstuffed? Like an overstuffed teddy bear. I am sure that there are many, many more terms that we can use to describe us

There are so many other terms that sound so much better…. Like Voluptuous (look at the definition to that one - ) or Zaftig ( ). These are great examples of some wonderful ways to refer to an “overweight” woman!


Thiz Bad Princezz... said...

I like both of those! I was once told I was "cushy" and they mean't it in a positive way.

And I hate, hate, HATE morbidly obeses. What about those chicks that look like they could be blown away by a light breeze? We don't call them Morbidly Unobese/Skinny do we? Oh no.. because being too skinny will never kill you! *rolls eyes*. Whatevs I say to them!

esondie from the DONE Girls. said...

This is so true. It's time that we take our own definition back from the skinny ones and take control! I'm with you on the voluptuous.