Could I have writers block??

I have been having a really hard time writing lately. Actually, what I should say is that I am having a hard time completing anything lately. I sit down and start something and about 2 paragraphs in, I get distracted or just loose steam. It is probably stress that has me all kerflubbered and I don't like it one bit!! I have things that I want to write about but I am just not feeling it when I sit down to write. Maybe tonight when I get home, I will grab my glasses that make me look all smart and stuff and sit in front of my laptop. Maybe the glasses will give me inspiration....... either that or a headache. I'll let you know which one.


Anonymous said...

I have tried and tried to write a blog. I feel like what I have to say is just too "old" for anyone to be interested, but maybe I need to get off the duff and just write it because it will help ME and maybe I just need to get crap out!