I was chatting with a friend this morning while I was driving to work this morning and listening to some dance music to wake me since I only had about 3 hours of sleep last night. It was just a mix cd of various dance mixes that I have – a little Justin, a little Madonna, a little Britney, a little Janet, you get my drift. As I was driving, SEXYBACK by Justin Timberlake came on (the mix with Missy Elliott – really good!). As Justin started singing (I’m bringing Sexyback….), I started singing along too. My friend kinda laughed at me and said that these were some odd lyrics and this made me start thinking…….. (I know, you all get scared when I say that)…………

Where exactly had Sexy gone that Justin needed to bring it back? I mean, was Sexy lost? Had Sexy run away? And did Justin have to search Sexy out or did he know where Sexy was? Why did Sexy feel the need to leave in the first place? Was it just too much pressure to be Sexy? Did Sexy come back willingly or did it kick and scream? And how does one go about FINDING Sexy? Do you put an ad in the paper? Maybe Craig’s List? Do you hire a private investigator?
Or maybe we have all been duped and Justin didn’t bring the REAL Sexy back! What if Justin couldn’t find Sexy and just replaced it with a new Sexy. How does one REPLACE Sexy? Did he have a casting call? What criteria were used to find a new Sexy?
But then I started thinking about what would have happened if Sexy hadn’t come back. What would a world without Sexy be like? Would the likes of Brad Pitt and Patrick Dempsey be? Or Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron? Just OK or maybe average? Would we have to some up with something else to replace Sexy? That would all just be too complicated so Thank God for Justin Timberlake! Without him, there would be no Sexy and I don’t think anyone wants that!


Katjie said...


TruTallica said...

OMG, I love this post, you're crazy and I like that!

Thiz Bad Princezz... said...

You are hilarious!

But could you imagine if he brought Sexy's evil twin back? WHOA, things could get ugly! Literally. Everything would be backwards, sexy now would be ugly then. Crazy!


jogo68 said...

OMG so funny! I never thought about it that way.