Am I wrong?

Am I wrong to want to beat up a 22 year old size 2 when I overhear her in the bathroom talking about how her weight has just gotten out of control? I mean, she is sooooo right! How can she stand herself? Weighing all of 110 lbs soaking weight……. Holding a bag of rocks…….. Wearing a hard hat and steel toe boots! It is just out of control! The 3 pounds she gained in the last month is just too much to take. No more food for her! There will be only bread, water and the occasional stalk of broccoli for her but no butter or salt on that broccoli. And the bread has to be whole wheat bread and no butter on that either! And maybe once a week, she can have a can of caffeine free Diet Coke but NO ICE….. maybe that is too much - OK, she can have ice but only 5 cubes. And there will be no driving for little Miss Wendy the Waif, she must walk to get everywhere so she can get her exercise and drop that weight! I mean REALLY!!

Sometimes, going to the bathroom at the office is enough to drive this Fat Chick insane! Like I’m not crazy enough!


Thiz Bad Princezz... said...

You're not wrong. I put up with plenty of those chics in high school. Don't you kinda want to say "Yeah, you are a fat pig. Maybe you should diet!" just so they could get a little taste of what we've put up with all of our lives? Sorta like "Revenge of the Nerds" but instead is the "Return of the Fatties". Could be interesting.