Do I have anything to say?

I am sitting in my mother's living room with my dogs (gotta love a laptop) feeling the need to blog but I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY!! Trying to think of something funny - I got nothing!! Something serious- I got zip! So, I will do what most writers do - I will write about having nothing to write about! My mind is a blank page! I keep looking around the room hoping that something will jump out at me but I got nothing!!

Let's do something a little different - let me give you a glimpse into the life of THE FAT CHICK:
I spend most of my weekends at my Mom's to have time with my girls, Jaz and Zoe. The are my beautiful little furry babies and I absolutely love them! Here are some pix:

This is Zoe Jayne. She is the youngster and she is my prescious little girl. How could anyone not love that face!

This is Jazriel Leigh. She is the older of the 2 and the queen of the castle if you ask her!

These are 2 very spoiled little girls and they know it!

I guess this was a good excuse to experiment with adding pictures to my blog and it looks like it was a success!! YAY!

Now, off to think about something to really write about.