Has Starbucks lost their ever loving mind??

OK, I overslept this morning and ended up running out of the house like a lunatic to get to work on time. Because of this, I didn't get to make my morning coffee at home so I decided to stop at Starbucks (I LOVE STARBUCKS) and get my morning caffeine fix. This Fat Chick without my caffeine fix is not good for ANYONE, trust me. Well, they have been advertising these SKINNY latte's so I decided to try to be 'a good girl in the diet world' and get one. I was happy to see that they had my favorites vanilla and caramel so I got a Venti Iced Vanilla Caramel Skinny Latte. I was all excited about it thinking this could make my diet sooooo much easier for me since I am a total Starbucks junky. I took a sip right there at the drive up window and thought "OK, not too bad but not as good as a regular one." In the 2.6 minutes that it took me to drive from Starbucks to my office, my latte turned into brown water!! That wonderful creamy vanilla caramel yumminess turned into yuk the minute a single ice cube melted. I mean it became TERRIBLE, like water - bad tasting water!! Give me the real deal any day. I'll take the hit in calories for taste. I need the good stuff! Thank God my Starbucks fairy went to Starbucks a little later in the day so I was able to get the real thing and make it thru the rest of the day without physically hurting someone, most likely myself! This got me thinking about "diet" alternatives and I realized that there are some that are great! There are some that you can't taste the difference but then there are others (like this skinny latte) that taste horrible and make you want to give up the idea of dieting all together. Now, Starbucks is a HUGE company and I am sure that if someone in Starbucks heaven sat down and really thought about this they couls find a way to make these skinny latte's taste good! The Light Frappucinos are great so why can't they make a latte that good? Maybe I should start a petition? Or do a MARCH ON STARBUCKS! Yes! I will gather a large group of my fellow FAT CHICKS and we will march into the corporate offices in Seattle and DEMAND better diet lattes. Can you imagine the faces on the receptionist? The fear of being attacked by a large group of fat people who want a better alternative for diet friendly caffeine. I know I am scary when I don't have my caffeine so imagine 20 or 30 ME'S coming at ya! It is not a pretty thought. In fact, the thought is kinda freaking me out so I need to stop! Actually, it is almost 3am and I need to go to sleep so that I can wake up with enough time to make coffee at home.