I was talking to one of my friends recently who happens to be one of my few readers..... in fact, sometimes I think I do this just for her (SCHMOOCHES!).

She asked me what I thought was an odd question - "Why do you call youself THE FAT CHICK? Don't you think that some overweight women might find that offesive?" As you may have guessed, she is not very "weight challenged." Having the conversation with her made me think about it so I decided to address it here.

Why THE FAT CHICK? Well, for me, The Fat Chick is more of a reference to attitude than a reference to my weight. Now, I am quite a FAT CHICK, meaning I need to loose some weight but when I call myself THE FAT CHICK here it is more because of the fact that I am A-OK with being who I am, fat and all! Sure I want to loose weight, to be healthier, to be able to do more of the things that I want to do and to make shopping easier!! (I have more shoes and purses than any woman could ever need, now I want the clothes!). I am what I am and I am the only one who has to live with it so if someone doesn't like it, they can kiss my big white butt!! Those who are trully my friends will love me no matter what size I am, those who are not trully my friends are .... why bother even going into them.

Writting this blog is part of my journey into weight loss. I write it like I live it, sometimes funny, sometimes not so funny but it is all about me living my life as a fat chick. If this helps make someone elses journey easier, FANTASTIC!

We all have our own road to travel but it is where our roads cross that make the journey more interesting