Is it just me? Please say no!

Yesterday, my Mother and I went to do a little shopping at Target (that is TAR-JAY) because Wal-Mart just wasn't cutting it!

It is the end of June so it is hot outside and some people are wearing a little less clothing. NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT..... IN SOME CASES! We were minding our own business looking at purses and wallets (because you can never have to many purses and/or wallets) when we saw someone that just could not be missed. Now, understand, I am the last person to talk about someone being overweight because I AM THE FAT CHICK but this was just too much for me not to mention it here, in my refuge for all things that must be said.

Friends should not let friends dress and drive! Especially when they know that the friend has a faulty fashion sense. For an overweight person, the statement LESS IS MORE does not apply to clothing. Also, just because an outfit looks good on Tyra Banks or Paris Hilton does not mean it will look good on just anyone. OK, to the purpose of this rant - When I dress to go somewhere, whether it be work, dinner with friends, a movie or a family gathering, I make sure that I am appropriately covered. Don't want anything too tight or too short because I don't feel the need to show my extra rolls or cottage cheese thighs to just anyone - it takes a special someone to get me to show my goodies! (I may show my undies but not the GOODIES!).

Violet (this is the name that I have decided to give this person we saw in Target - you'll see why in a bit) was looking at jewelry at the jewelry counter, which is in the same area as the purses. My Mother stopped in her tracks and was speechless, which is pretty unbelievable for my Mother! I heard short gasps come from Mom so I looked to see what was wrong and I saw Violet. Violet was about 5ft 6in with platinum blonde hair which was pulled up in a ponytail at the very top of her head - not so bad so far, right? We will start at the top - Violet had on a bright purple tight "Flashdance" style t-shirt. By this I mean the neck was cut out so that it would fall just off the shoulder. The shirt came just past the waist but the slightest stretch caused it to ride up and her bra showed thru the shirt as well. Violet wore a purple denim skirt with hot pink stitching that was far shorter and tighter than a woman of her size should wear, in public. Bending over was not an option for Violet in this ensemble. Violet rounded out this outfit with a pair of purple stiletto heels that wrapped around the leg with a purple ribbon up to her mid calf. Do you now understand why I named her Violet? You are probably thinking that Violet must be a young woman in her late teems or early twenties, well, you are wrong!! Violet was at least in her early 30's, if not older. This outfit left NOTHING to the imagination - NOTHING!! If it was there, it was seen and seen by all! This outfit bordered on lingerie and should not have been taken out of the home for any reason. First and foremost, I would think that a petit woman would not have looked good in this outfit but a very large woman? No! This was just too much. I wanted to run over to her and perform an EXTREME MAKEOVER right there in Target but I just couldn't do it, besides Ty Pennington was no where to be found and it just wouldn't be the same w/out him! I could never have left my home dressed like that, I feel to much of a need to cover my excess as much as possible. Sometimes a little too much cleavage shows but that is about as much exhibitionism that this Fat Chick has going on.

I probably sound like a real bitch here but I just can't imagine getting dressed in that outfit, looking in the mirror and thinking "Damn! I look good but is there a way that I can show more of my body? Nope, I don't think so! Let's go shopping!" Not to mention, in the society that we currently live in, people think nothing of making rude comments about people that don't fit into the size 8 mold. And who wants that?

Well, I believe I have ranted enough and hope that I have not offended either of my 2 readers. Apologies if I have but this is my comfort zone and I say what I want to say!

Fat Chick Out!


Anonymous said...

i just pissed my panties! the very mention of Extreme Makeover in Target and a mental image of a crane pulling the clothes off of this woman popped in to my head.