I was in Wal-Mart a few days ago looking at underwear because even Fat Chicks need new undewear sometimes!

As I am looking at all the pretty designs and colors, I thought of something - WHY WOULD AN OVERWEIGHT WOMAN WANT TO WEAR HI-CUT UNDERWEAR? I mean, really? You can't get the coverage really needed so why wear the darn things, you might as well run around underwearless! What really gets me is that it seemed like about 80% of the underwear there was hi-cut. They were all very pretty, great colors and patterns but not enough of the pretty colors and patterns to cover what is needs to be covered. Tried Target and it was no better.

Ya' see, I hate the idea of spending alot of money on clothes that is not going to be seen by the millions! When I spend alot of money on underwear, I feel the need to show them off to friends, family and some strangers - ok, not many strangers but a few choice strangers. I often let my bra strap slide just so that SOMEONE has seen it and I didn't spend $40 for nothing. I know, it sounds crazy but it is true.

This Fat Chick can't be the only one that thinks about these things.