Damn Skinny Chicks!

I am at the office today (yes I do work, writting a blog makes me no money at all especially since there is probably no one reading it) and we have a vendor coming in for a visit so they have provided a bunch of t-shirts for some of us to wear while they are here. How nice of them, right? Well, as usual, they had a bunch of small and medium's, a decent amount of larges and a few x-larges. Wouldn't you know it, these little skinny chicks go and grab all of the x-larges! I guess they needed new dresses or nightshirts! This really aggravates me because this means when the larger people go to get the larger shirts THEY ARE GONE and all that is left are small and medium, which would fit the skinny girls just fine. I don't wear t-shirts so I was in no rush to go get one but one of the girls in my group is a larger girl and went to get one but all that was left was large, which would not fit her. She came back saying that they HATE FAT PEOPLE, as a joke but still!! It wasn't her fault or even the vendors fault, it was the fault of the skinny chicks who show no consideration for the larger people in the world - why should they, no one else does!
Life as a Fat Chick is not easy in this Skinny Chick world!!