Confession Time

There are times in this Fat Chicks life when I wonder if I am a bad person. This last week has been one of those times.
I work as a supervisor, which means that I have the joyous task of giving yearly reviews to some company employees. The whole review writting process is a bit much, very time consuming and frustrating because you have to find several different ways to say the same thing to a group of people. On top of that, you have to, in some cases, crush the hopes and dreams of some people and find a nice way to do it. Here is where my dilemma comes in.....
As most overwight women do, I have a little bit of envy and jealousy towards the Skinny Minnies. Can you blame me? They are SKINNY AND MINNIE all at the same time and seem to be able to eat all the pizza and pasta they want while wearing cute clothes and loosing 5 lbs to boot. While writting some reviews for these little bitty skinny women, I get this silent joy when I have to tell them they need to get their act together!! I sometimes find myself writting the review in the most evil ways, saying things like "You may be thin but you can't seem to do XYZ correctly" or "There are many things that you do well but XYZ is not one of them and being thin is not going to help you here" Does that make me a bad person? Does my silent joy in crushing the hopes and dreams of these thin women make me evil? I'm not really sure but I don't know of there is anything that I can do about it. Now, the final version of their reviews is nice and professional but deep down, this Fat Chick wants to crush'em and laugh like the wicked witch of the west!! I didn't but I get a little warm and fuzzy when I think about the possibilities.