A Heater in June?

I am beginning to think that I have lost my mind. Either lost it or it has melted from the heat!!
It was about 85 degrees this morning when I got to the office and noticed that it was a bit warm in my little corner of the work universe so I turned on my desktop fan and went about my day (see previous post). My little fan helped so I figured it was just me since I tend to be warmer than everyone around me. As expected, I have had to leave my desk several times thru the day, especially since I drink water like a fish because WW tells me to and I try to be a good little Fat Chick. Each time I came back to my desk, I noticed that as soon as I turned the corner to get the my corner of the work universe things got warmer. The rest of the building seems very comfortable but my corner seems like the 8th realm of hell!! After noticing this 3 or 4 times, I said something to the "toothpick" that sits near me about it being warm and you will not believe what she told me........ "Really? I am chilly, I have a heater on at my desk." It took everything in me not to scream at the top of my lungs "Are you trying to kill me? What is wrong with you? Have you lost your everloving mind?" Now, I didn't so be proud of me but I wanted to really bad! THANK GOD I am the toothpick's supervisor so I was able to take care of that quickly and ask her to not run the heater during the summer months, it is just too hot. Now, when I arrive tomorrow, we will see if she actually listens. I could squash her if I wanted, ya' know!


Anonymous said...

maybe she is anemic... not enough iron in the blood. makes you cold. it's definitely not hypothyroidism... that makes you a FAT CHICK, trust me i know.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm...didn't the toothpick dummy know that by running the friggin heater, she was causing the friggin air conditioner to run more! We have the problem at work. The fire marshall is always going around confiscating heaters from these idiots! LOL