My Yearly Ritual

I have this little ritual that I go thru each year at my birthday. I don’t do anything crazy like climb the Himalaya’s or cruise the 7 seas, I do a little self evaluation. I take some time and think about where I was at my last birthday, where I am at this birthday and where I want to be at my next birthday. Not a bad thing to do, right?
Well, each year I say the same thing to myself: This year I am going to lose weight! And then the next year, I say the same thing about either the same amount of weight or sometimes more! Why? Why is losing weight such a struggle? OK, so I know that my love of pizza, pasta and all things cheesy has a lot to do with it …..and I am sure that my inability to eat ANYTHING in moderation plays a role too. What is a girl suppose to do? How do I make it happen? Do I need a magic pill? Maybe a special serum? Maybe I need to make a day trip to Hogwarts to get a wizard to put a spell on me. I have considered having surgery to lose weight but there are so many people who go and have the surgery who really have no business having it and I guess in a way I am stubborn about it. I don’t want to take the easy way out but I also don’t want to be a “Super Duper Fat Chick” for the rest of my life. I will ALWAYS be a Fat Chick at heart but I wouldn’t mind being Not-So-Fat….. I’ll never be skinny, never in a million years, but I wouldn’t mind being able to enjoy some of the little things in life that my extra weight makes hard for me to enjoy. So what is a Fat Chick to do? I’m not really sure but I need to figure something out before my next ritual begins.


obesity said...

You can eliminate weight naturally with help of some herbs/Diets , its worth try

Anonymous said...

My mother had G.B. She lost a lot of weight. It's scary...but at the same time, it changed her life. Muah, Z~

Anonymous said...

P.S. In my mother's case...I at first saw it as the easy way out, but I think she couldn't see the forest for the trees...and had no other option to help her emotional well-being. Now she can do what she wants to do and is much happier to be able to do so. She's no supermodel and she knows it, but for her it was about being to get out and actually enjoy life for once. Muah..Z~

Anonymous said...

moderation and a little exercise is enough. you do NOT have to give up any foods you like. you do NOT have to workout 2 hours a day. that's worth a little moderation.

just eat a bit less and move a bit more and you would be totally surprised by the result. it's not a diet, it's a minor lifestyle change.

best wishes to you whether you choose to lose weight or no.