Time to Celebrate!!

The Fat Chick is getting older and it’s time to celebrate!! Just in case you have not figured it out, TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!! I have made it thru another year and I am still standing! I have made some good decisions, some bad decisions and some terrible decisions but they are all mine and is spite of each and every one, I survived. The last year has held a great deal of laughter, smiles, frustration and tears for me and this is the time of year when I evaluate my life. Not the kind of evaluation where I look at everything that I did and beat myself up over it but the time when I look at my life and see where I was a year ago and how far I have come to be where I am now and THANK GOD FOR MY 37 YEARS!!
As women, we are so brainwashed to believe that once we hit 30 or 35 we are over the hill and need to lie about our age. Why? In my opinion, when we do this we are disrespectful to everything that we have gone through in our lives. When we do this we are belittling every trial, every tear, every laugh, every dream, every hope, every smile and every EVERYTHING that we have had to overcome to be the women we are now. Be proud of your age and don’t let anyone tell you that your age is something to be hidden. EMBRACE IT!!