The Fat Chick goes to The Movies

I am A HUGE movie fan (pardon the pun) and I recently went to see Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Wasn’t my choice but I wasn’t paying so I let the payer decide. It wasn’t the best movie, all of the funny stuff was in the previews but that is not the purpose of my writing today.

As I watched the movie, I noticed something that kinda aggravated me more than the movie itself was aggravating me. I know you are dying to know so I won‘t not make you wait any longer. In almost every movie, there is a “Love Interest” but there is a real double standard between men and women when it comes to this arena . In just about every movie, the female love interest is tall, thin and pretty . There is no real “formula” for the male love interest. In movies, the man can be old, young, fat, skinny, smart, dumb, etc but the woman is always basically the same – pretty and skinny. Why is that? Why is it OK for a “chubby” guy to fall in love with a “pretty, skinny” girl but you NEVER see a chubby girl with a Hottie guy? And when you do see it, it started out as a joke or prank! Like the “Full-Figured” women don’t have it hard enough, we get the pure pleasure of being the brunt of jokes for the masses. And we wonder why we live in a society that tells us it’s OK to pick on the overweight? Because we are told that it’s OK by the movies that we see. I am not saying that there has never been a movie like this but they are few and far between. They are the exception to the rule and we don’t have enough exceptions!!

When will we be accepted AS IS and not expected to change to be what our society expects us to be?


Kristine said...

I had never thought about it before, but you are absolutely right.
It's so not fair.

Anonymous said...

So true...but they fail to realize that there are actually men out there who seek out more voluptuous women! All they have to do is look at the singles ads on the net. I couldn't believe how many guys responded to my ads way back when when I said..."I'm no barbie doll type..I have some extra weight..." kinda disclaimer. I didn't want anyone thinking they were getting some skinny minnie. I don't know why hollywood fails to acknowledge this the narcissists! Muah! Z~