Happy New Year!! It’s 2009!

Can you believe it is 2009 already? I am so happy that the holidays are FINALLY over! I am normally a huge fan of the holidays but this year, not so much! 2008 has been a rough year and I have been eager for it to end as quickly as possible. THANK GOD it is over and a new year has begun!

I took some time off over the holidays. I was a lazy bum! No reading, no writing, no NOTHING!
I think I needed to recharge my perverbial battery. Not sure if I did it or not but at least I tried!

So……. A new year and what does almost every woman do at New years? We make a New Years Resolution to LOSE WEIGHT! Why do we do it? Now, there are those among us who have a real reason to make that resolution but why do these 95 lb chickys feel the need? It certainly isn’t because they are FAT! If that is fat then I must be a PLANET! Maybe I will change my name to The Fat Planet!!

We’ll see if I have better luck this year than I have in the past. Wish me luck and Happy 2009!!