That Darn Food Network.....

I have always like watching The Food Network….. I mean REALLY like watching it….. like almost borderline addicted! Well, USE TO BE borderline addicted until I started noticing some things.

Have you noticed that almost all of the stars on The Food Network are thin? I mean really thin!! Some of them look like they haven’t eaten in a month. But they talk like they eat constantly and everything in sight but I think not! Prime Example – Giada De Laurentis! I absolutely hate her because she is this tiny little woman who makes all of these fattening Italian foods and CLAIMS that she eats like a pig but she is the size of a freakin’ toothpick! And Aida Mollenkamp of Ask Aida…. She might as well be a model, not a chef. I wonder if she eats anything that she makes. Then there is Sandra Lee of Semi-Homemade, she makes all of the wonderful, decadent meals but looks like she barely eats anything that she cooks. And we can’t forget the guys…… Bobby Flay! He is Mr Skinny and makes all of these bbq meals and I know there is almost NOTHING diet about bbq. I don’t know about you but I don’t trust a chef who doesn’t look like they eat their own creations!

Don’t get me wrong, not all of the Stars are these skinny people. We have Paula Deen, who my mother LOVES and she is a wonderful “plump” grandma type but my arteries get clogged just WATCHING her shows. This woman puts more butter, sour cream and mayonnaise in her recipes, I don’t understand how she isn’t 900 lbs! I don’t think the word HEALTHY is in her vocabulary. Then we have The Neely’s… its bad enough watching them is like watching Kitchen Porn but the foods that they make put 10 lbs on you just reading the recipe.

Thank God there are also some REAL PEOPLE cooking on the Food Network too. There is Nigella, she is a beautiful woman who looks like she eats her own cooking and makes an attempt to make some healthier meals. The Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten, is another one who is lovely and cooks beautiful meals and makes a nice balance between healthy and not so healthy meals. And we have America’s Sweetheart Rachael Ray! I actually like her quite a bit because she is real about her cooking. She makes great meals and gives options to make them healthier if you want and makes them easy to make too.
She has taken the world by storm and still seems to be a real person and you gotta respect that.

I like watching cooking shows. They can be really entertaining and can be helpful in creating foods that taste good and are healthy. I get frustrated when I watch a boney thin person cooking a fattening meal and they are happy to eat just a bite or 2. If it were me, I would eat the whole damn thing and still want more! I want to watch people cook who I can believe are eating the foods themselves….like I might eat the foods.

I know I have issues with food and I don’t try to hide that from anyone. Why me? I don’t know. Will I ever get over these issues with food? Not sure but there is always hope for a Fat Chick, right?


holly charrier said...

I agree but there is also Guy and Emeril. They aren't slim built. Duff from Ace of Cakes isn't small either.

I adore Paula Deen but I am a "suthern gurl" so I completely understand her desire to make everything with butter, sour cream or mayo. It just taste better "fatter" but I do try to incorporate a healthier version myself.

I am really liking your blog. I found you on Spark. My name is Holly Charrier and I would love to be a fan of your blog. My spark id is "hollycharrier", I know -- original, right?