Freakin' Reality TV!

I am not perfect but I am beginning to think that some of the things that I am seeing on TV are completely insane! I am a total TV junkie, I admit it but sometimes I see things on TV that make me wonder what the heck in going on in the world that makes us (myself included) watch these things.
OK, here are my current obsession/frustration shows, THANK YOU VH-1!! Rock of Love Charm School and Celebrity Rehab.
Let’s Start with Rock of Love Charm School: Where do they find these women? Is there a farm out in Utah somewhere that grooms them for stripper/porn/reality shows? Did these women sit in their and trashy and be seen by MILLIONS?” I don’t get it!! OK, when I was like 6 or 7, I told my aunt I wanted to be a hooker because I saw a woman on TV wearing shiny tight pants and high heeled shoes and I wanted to wear them but I was 6 or 7 so I guess it doesn’t really count. The show is like a bunch of Trailer Park Barbie’s living together!! I don’t completely understand why I set my freakin’ DVR to record it each week but I DO! And on top of that, I can’t wait to watch it and see what is going on in the Trailer Park!
Now we move onto Celebrity Rehab. Why? Why would anyone in theeir right mind, celebrity or not, want to be recorded going thru drug and/or alcohol rehab? Now, some of these people I really feel for and kinda like but then there is Gary Busey and Jeff Conaway! What the heck is wrong with these 2? They are either fighting like a pair of freakin’ schoolgirls or they are the best of friends…….. like a pair of freakin’ schoolgirls! I mean these 2 have come to physical blows in the first 20 minutes of a episode and by the end, they are practically making out! And Jeff.. thid one has actually called the police and complained that he was being held against his will!! He signed up for it!! Then Gary Busey acts like he is a therapist for everyone else in the group one minute and then the next minute he is preaching. In one episode, he attacked a cameraman for recording him………WHAT?? WHY?? It is a TV show so how else is it suppose to be seen on tv un less it is recorded. Are we suppose to psychically connect with him and know what is happening or maybe it will be divine viewing by Gary praying it into our consciousness! Osmosis!
Am I crazy? Have I completely lost my mind? I am not sure why I watch these shows but I do and I freakin’ enjoy them! Of course, afdter I have watched these shows and enjoyed every minute of them, I spend the next hour totally ashamed of myself and trying to figure out how to wash all of the craziness off of me! Oh well, it is the cycle of life, I guess.