Am I a bad person?

I am beginning to wonder if I am a bad person? Is it wrong of me to want to beat up a friend because she lost a few pounds? Let me explain
I was sitting at work earlier today, minding my own business, when a friend called me. As most people do when the phone rings, I answered it and began talking to my friend. We had the normal “How was work? Any plans for tonight?” conversation when she proceeded to tell me about going out to dinner with another friend, eating like a pig and drinking like a fish. She then proceeds to tell me that she went to her weekly WW meeting today and was scared to get on the scale because of everything that she ate and drank last night. I gave her the supportive friend speech and told her that it isn’t the end of the world, tomorrow is a new day, etc. She laughs and said “Well, I was shocked when I actually lost weight, 2 pounds!” The supportive friend said “Well, good for you! That’s great!” But my inner Fat Chick wanted to smack her, shove a pack of HoHo’s in her mouth and say “Oh, so you are bragging now? You can loose weight without trying and I can’t even get my stupid scale to weigh me! You suck! I hate you! Go away now!” Of course, I didn’t say any of these things but I sure did want to! She continued on about how she was so shocked and really excited about it and as my eyes rolled back in my head, I had a little momentary daydream about loading her up with water and bricks in her pants and making her weigh herself again…… I’d like to see her brag about loosing weight then! I know that I shouldn’t feel like that but I can’t help it! Especially since I am having such a hard time! Heck, lately I get excited when I take my shoes off because it means I have probably lost ½ pound! Do you think if I weighed on my tippy toes I would loose anything? Probably not but I gotta look for every angle I can to boost my “Weight Loss Morale” because Hortense surely isn’t helping. Now, my friend really isn’t that much overweight so the concept of her loosing anything makes me want to scream, run to the fridge and have a private moment with a can of whipped cream, a block of sharp cheddar and the left over pasta form my binge session the other night….. not all together – well, maybe the cheddar and the pasta, the whipped cream can be dessert. Well, anyhoo – I am sure that it was not her intent to brag or put into a Fat Chick Tail Spin but I can’t help how I feel about it. And be proud of me because I haven’t called her and asked her to go out to dinner with me to like Olive Garden or some other place where everything on the menu will make you gain 3 pounds – baby steps, baby steps.