Catalogs and Magazines and clothes, Oh My!

I was fortunate enough to get to work this weekend (I know, your jealous) so I checked my mailbox on my way to work thinking it would give me something to do when I got bored, which was inevitable. Just like everyone else, I got some bills, junk mail and a few catalogs so I would have at least an hour or so of amusement while at work. I put all of the mail in a bag and continued on my drive to the office, making a pit stop at Starbucks for my morning coffee….. I’m addicted if you haven’t figured it out yet! When I got to work, I checked my work email, ran my reports, logged into SP and waited for delirium to set in, which it did after about 3 hours. As I sat at my desk counting the specks on the ceiling to pass the time, I remembered that I had a few catalogs so I decided to look at them in hopes of maybe finding some spring/summer clothes. This Fat Chick tries to look as cute as possible! As I perused the pages of a catalog that is marketed to the “Plus Size” or “Full Figured” woman, I noticed something – Not one of the models used in this catalog was any bigger than a size 8! I decided to go to another catalog and saw the same thing! Now, I am no idiot so this was something that I had noticed previously but it was really bothering me on this day. I don’t know about you but the proportions and dimensions of my body are oh so very different from that of the size 6 model who was modeling the “lovely” magenta and turquoise flowered moo-moo. And let’s not forget the very attractive black tent dress with yellow, orange and navy blue very large geometric designs being modeled by a size 8 model. It also started to really aggravate me that so much of the clothing in this particular catalog was covered in brightly colored flowers or geometric shapes. I don’t know about you but when I go out, I want my clothing to grab the attention of everyone in a 10 mile radius and say “Hey!! I’m a heffer and I want the world to know it!” before blinding them! Yep! That’s how I roll!! At this, I decided to move on to a different catalog and saw much of the same – size 6 and 8 models wearing clown outfits that the catalog companies call clothing for us Pleasantly Plump women. On to catalog #3 – this one was a little better, at least the clothes didn’t look like it came from the same design team that gave us the costumes for Ringling Brothers but the models were still no bigger than a size 8. Showing us “Big Girl” clothes on a “little girl” can be very misleading – the clothes is just not going to look the same on a size 26 frame as it looks on a size 6 frame. Tiny Tina looks great in the lace trimmed leggings and trapeze top but that same outfit on Plump Patty just doesn’t look the same. How are we suppose to know how clothing will look on our “full-figured” frame when we are seeing the clothes on toothpicks in the catalogs and magazines? And we wonder why we have so many women and girls starving themselves to look like these models. Maybe I am expecting too much from our thin-centric society.


Thiz Bad Princezz... said...

"I don’t know about you but when I go out, I want my clothing to grab the attention of everyone in a 10 mile radius and say 'Hey!! I’m a heffer and I want the world to know it!' before blinding them!"

But didn't you know that, when being a fat chick, you're supposed to constantly make people aware of your size AND shame yourself at the same time wearing moomoos?

It is probably a marketing trick. Also, the assholes probably think that they can't possibly show off these clothes on the intended client. "Oh, but it looks soooo much more pretty on these Skinny McSkinny-pants!" Yeah. Eff em!