The battle with my scale continues....

I am beginning to think that my scales has it in for me!
I mean first, it screams my weight to the neighborhood and almost caused me to have a heart attack. Now, it picks and chooses when it wants to tell me how much I weigh. If it were up to me, I would never want to know how much I weigh but this whole weight loss thing requires it. And I am beginning to think that it just doesn't like me - I attempted to weigh myself earlier today and the damn thing kept telling me GOODBYE! What the heck is that all about? I would step on it, wait.... and wait longer.... and longer.... then it would say goodbye! Like it was tired of me and wanted me to just go away - stupid Primadonna scale! I did not pay $90 for a high quality scale to get attitude from it! I paid $90 for a scale so that I could weigh myself at home and not have to pay Weight Watchers $12 a week to get weighed. Besides that, FAT CHICKS need special scales that can handle them! It is a nice looking scale, black and silver with a nice big display and a nice woman's voice to tell me exactly how fat I am - SOUNDS GREAT, HUH?
Truthfully, I did Weight Watchers for a while and it was great but I got to the point where I was only going to get weighed, not for the meeting or the people, just the scale. The people got on my nerves most of the time and the meetings were just telling me things that I knew already but had decided not to follow because I like pizza too much and being a big fat heffer is just too much damn fun!! (that last part is sarcasm- anyone that has read anything that I write knows I am VERY SARCASTIC and loves me for it)
I have not given up on loosing weight, I can't give up on it - it's a necessity - but it makes me crazy sometimes (like now) and I hate that! I have been visiting SparkPeople on a very regular basis and I like it so far. And as you can tell, I am weighing myself even though I hate it. I hope that eventually I will feel a little better about this dieting thing but until then IT SUCKS!