What the Hell........

I have been a BAD FAT CHICK and not blogged like I should... well, I am going to really try to change that for you...... Is anyone out there? Can anyone hear me?? DOES ANYONE CARE???

It is Feb 2, 2008 and I am sitting at my desk at work STEWING over the crap I just witnessed at Wally-World (that's Wal-Mart in Fat Chick-ese). I ran over there during my lunch break to grab a few things for a Superbowl party and didn't make it past the women's clothing when I saw and heard the most horrific thing. There was a young girl, maybe 13 or 14, shopping with her Mom and Dad. She was looking at clothes and was showing her Mom a pair of pants that she liked. Sounds like a normal thing to see in WallyWorld, right? Well it was what I heard next that made me want to scream. Her father says to her "Oh no, you can't wear that! You're too fat for that kind of clothes. That is the stuff that you see pretty, skinny girls wear and you are not that!!" This was not a "fat" girl, she looked like she was a healthy girl with some meat on her bones, not an anorexic like we so often see on TV and in movies. (You know the girls I am talking about - Keira Knightly, Natalie Portman, Victoria Beckham to name a few. These are the girls that you want to cram hamburgers and pizza's in their mouth in hopes that they will gain a pound and look normal. I know I am not the only one with that fantasy, I can't be.) She was a very pretty girl, a very YOUNG girl. Her mother just stood there and stared at her father in total disbelief. This poor girl looked as though she had just been beaten but the abuse she had just received was far worst than any beating she could have gotten. She was humiliated in public by her own father. She turned, walked away and probably cried her eyes out. Her mother followed after her but her father just stood there with a confused look on his face. Now, he was no prize! He was short, tubby and balding so what room did he have to talk? As I watched this young, wounded girl walk away from her father, I had to fight the urge to run over to him and squish him with my fat chicky-ness or go to my car, wait for him to leave and ACCIDENTALLY run him over in the parking lot. But I didn't do any of those things. Instead, I walked out of Wal-Mart with nothing that I went in for, came back to work and started writting this. Such therapy!!

What is wrong with the world that we live in? I am not saying that being overweight is great because it isn't. If it were, the diet industry would not exist. But overweight people are human - they bleed, cry, sweat just like everyone else. Why is it so hard for so many people to realize that? I guess now I go on and continue my little crusade for FAT CHICK RIGHTS!


The Angry Shut-In said...

And people wonder why there are songs in the world like "Janie's Got A Gun"... Jesus, I hope that man is eaten alive by Fire Ants.