Happy New Year!!

Ok, the holidays really suck because I think there is a law or something that says that you have to eat 12 meals a day and gain a minimum of 15 lbs! I don't know where the law is written but I am sure that it is somewhere.

As every other fat chick on the planet, I have vowed to loose weight in 2008!! Not just for my health but because it rhymes so nicely.

Ya' wanna know what bugs me at New Years Resolution? These 18 year old girls who weigh all of 75 lbs who talk about how they are going to REALLY LOOSE WEIGHT THIS YEAR? Well, if they take off their earrings and socks they will loose all the weight they can bare to loose - not to mention a big gust of wind will blow them away. Does this make me a bad person? I don't think so, I think it makes me a REAL person. We live in this weight obsessed society that tells us that if anyone is slightly overweight they are less of a person and not worthy of a second glance. Well, THAT'S CRAP!!

I guess this blog is my little way of changing that view. I may be working on loosing weight, but I think I will always be a FAT CHICK - and that is OK with me.

I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC New Year! I am sure going to try.

Much Love and munchies
The Fat Chick