Oscars and the Fat Chick......

So, I watched the Oscars last night. What self respecting movie buff doesn't watch the Oscars? Jon Stewart was a good host - funny, didn't give long over-drawn speeches and he wasn't afraid to be a little political. The musical performances were good (well, except for the stupid song that won but that is another paragraph). Overall it was a decent night.

Now, onto my reason for wanting to rant:

DANIEL DAY LEWIS? DANIEL FREAKIN' DAY LEWIS? What the hell is that all about? I didn't see the movie and have no plans whatsoever to do so but DANIEL DAY LEWIS - BEST ACTOR? We had Johnny Depp in Sweeny Todd, Goerge Clooney in Michael Clayton, Viggo Mortensen in Eastern Promises, Tommy Lee Jones in In The Valley of Elah and they chose DANIEL FREAKIN' DAY LEWIS????? There is no way that his half-ass overacting could compare to Viggo as a Russian (he went full frontal nude in this movie so if ya' like Viggo, it is a must see!), Johnny as a blade wielding barber who sings, George as an self loathing attorney who takes down THE BIG COMPANY or Tommy as a father of a soldier killed after returning from Iraq. Makes no sense to me and it pissed me off!! These other actors were robbed!

I have not seen No Country for Old Men but I plan to see it when it comes out on DVD, it won far too many awards for me not to see it. Tommy Lee Jones may not be a very attractive man but he is one hell of an actor. Javier Bardem is just gorgeous - well, in this movie he had a very bad hair day or month I guess. I LOVE Josh Brolin too.

Tilda Swinton (best supporting actress) was really amazing in Michael Clayton. And it was nice to see someone else win besides Cate Blanchette! Good actress but I am sick of her!

Didn't see La Vie En Rose, it is french and I don't like subtitles so I may never see it but I may.

Now on to the Best Song winner - ANOTHER WHAT THE HELL?? Of the 5 choices, THIS was the best?? I think not! This was the worst song of the bunch and I am offended that it won!! The song from August Rush was AMAZING!! But the DRIBBLE from Once won the award? Absolutely Ridiculous!!

And The Bourne Ultimatum - an Oscar winner? How about that crap? I love those movies so who cares what the award was, IT WON!!

And, not one fellow fat chick was nominated for anything. SON OF A BITCH!! That just pisses me off but I will survive! Maybe next year.......