Whiney Asses!

I am a true blue, die hard Big Brother fan!! I have watched each season religiously but this is the first season that I have been tempted to stop watching! I am getting sick and tired of watching Amber cry every freaking episode!! It is a constant stream of tears from that girl. She could probably fill the pol with all the damn tears she has cried in the last week! Then I have been watching Rock of Love w/ Brett Michaels onVH1 and these crazy women are out of their minds!! One cries, another does the baby talk thing constantly and the rest are strippers or/and strippers in training. What the hell!!?
Now, on top of the crying frenzy, these freakin' women are borderline anorexic or they have so much silicone or saline in them that it is insane!! Rock of Love has so many beachball boobies that no one needs to worry about drowning! It is no wonder that young girls have such a screwed up view of what is atractive and beautiful! What a freaking messed up society we live in.