Well.... well... well.....

Been a little while since I have posted but I have been having some issues lately - nothing extreme but still aggravating.
As I have mentioned, I am doing Weight Watchers to loose some weight. I like the program, it seems to be the most tested and successful program out there so it is the program that I am going to work with. Lately, I have been feeling like a total and complete failure at this dieting thing. I really want to loose weight for oh so many reasons but I feel like I can't do it! It is like the Diet Gods are up in there Weight Watcher Center in the sky laughing at me because I am just a total and complete failure. I do OK for part of the day and then I something happens and I feel the need to eat every bad thing imaginable - pizza, burgers, donuts, pasta, etc. I wish I understood why this is and why it seems to come up all of a sudden. I will have a month where I do great and then 2 weeks where I feel completely out of control when it comes to food. I can't help but feel like it is stress related because things have been CRAZY at work lately and when I leave the office I turn to my favorite piece of comfort - food! I have been going to the WW message boards for support, encouragement and inspiration. It has helped and I really like the community there but left to my own devices, I am out of control.
What is a Fat Chick to do?? Really, if you know TELL ME!!