A Fat Chick Rant about Subway

Fat Chick on a Rant!! All Beware!!
Am I the only one who is totally offended by the new Subway commercial? I hope not because if I am I may lose all hope in humanity!! And I am seriously considering boycotting Subway! Well….. gotta find another place that makes a good spicy Italian sub…..SCREW THE SUB, SUBWAY IS EVIL!!
Ok, the commercial starts with this skinny twerp of a guy in a fast food restaurant with a tray hands. The announcer comes on and asks if he knows what comes with his hamburger. Twerpy Jones says no so the announcer proceeds to advise him that his meal comes with fries and a drink but then proceeds to add a slew of additional things like a gym membership, oversized gym shorts, extra strength deodorant, a plane seat extender, an expensive gym membership, paranoia, a therapist and diet books along with a few other things.
Now, maybe I am just a little oversensitive because I AM A FAT CHICK but that is offensive to me. The extra strength deodorant is the one that really gets to me – implying that all heavy people smell bad. I’ll have you know that I smell like a freakin’ cinnamon roll right now….. that’s probably because I just ate one but THAT IS BESIDE THE POINT!! I typically smell like a bed of roses or gardenias or baby powder. Since when do all heavy people have hygiene problems? I know some really thin people who have some real hygiene problems but you don’t see me making blanket statements in tv commercials regarding all thin people smelling badly, do you? I would find far more important things to make blanket statements about in TV commercials, like Pappa John’s Pizza is the best delivery pizza in America or Finding shoes on sale makes me smile!
And Paranoia? So now all heavy people are paranoid? I wonder why they would say that? Do other people say that? Did you hear that? Is someone talking about me? Is everyone talking about me? Sorry….. got a little paranoid there. Now, I know that I am sometimes self-conscious but this is not something that is directly associated with being heavy or overweight, it is associated with being HUMAN!
And then we have A THERAPIST? So now being heavy is cause for being in therapy? I am the first one to admit that many heavy people are in or should be in therapy but it has nothing to do with being heavy. Like talk therapy is going to help you loose weight. If that were the case, I’d be one skinny bitch right now! Last time I checked, talking is not considered a workout and a therapist is not a personal trainer. Personal trainers don’t get paid as much as therapists, or at least mine doesn’t.
I could sit here and go on and on but that would not be a good use of time and energy. And I have so many other things to rant about, I don’t want to waste my energy.
But there is one thing that the Big Wigs over at Subway should think about: Is it really a good idea to ostracize heavy people by making offensive commercials like this? I mean, who do they think are their more loyal customers? Just something that I would be thinking about if I were the Marketing Dept at Subway Headquarters. Maybe an apology is what they really should be thinking about giving to their loyal customers.