Big Brother 9

Ok, so I am a HUGE (no pun intended) Big Brother fan and was absolutely THRILLED to see a new season coming on this month. Well, the BIG DAY arrived this week and BB9 began. And, as usual, there is a SUPRISE - the title of the season is BIG BROTHER 9: TIL DEATH DO US PART!! They have matched people up in pairs and they are playing as teams instead of individuals! HA! How funny is this going to be!! So far, so good! There have been 2 episodes and ALREADY somebody got stupid, lied about things that people were saying and got himself and his partner kicked out. I guess it is the nature of the contestants on the show - I mean anyone who will agree to live in a house that they can not leave, cut themselves off from friends, family and society in general and live with people that they don't know deserves whatever they get. BUT it sures does make good TV!