Will it ever end? I mean REALLY!

I was in the bathroom earlier at work, taking a much needed break from the trials and tribulations of OFFICE LIFE, and I was BLESSED to overhear the most aggravating conversation I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. Two young, skinny girls were primping in the mirror and talking about how FAT they were and how they needed to loose weight. And, of course, each was telling the other how they were not fat at all. Now, each girl was about the size of a cabbage patch kid and combined probably weighed less than I do. It took everything in me to keep from laughing out loud from the safety of my bathroom stall but I refrained and listened for the next 3 or 4 minutes to them talk about how they need to start working out and eating less. So, they want to go from eating 10 french fries to 6 french fries? from a 1/2 hamburger to 1/4 hamburger? from 1.5 alices of pizza to .5 slices of pieces? How can they eat any less? And if they exercise, they will simply cease to exist! That may not be such a bad idea but ....... anyway... Being the emotional eater that I am, I wanted to immediately run to the nearest Pizza Hut and order a large pan pizza and eat the whole damn thing all by myself! I didn't, THANK GOD but I did think about it.
Why must this FAT CHICK be forced to be surrounded by these little bitty women who complain about their size like they are Jaba the Hut? I would kill to have their problems! Don't misunderstand, I know that I have played a large role is my weight issues and I am working on my issues but that does not mean that I enjoy hearing The Twig Twins complaining about their 100 lb frames when I struggle with my weight and ALWAYS HAVE! Sometimes I feel like it is too much of a struggle and I should just give up but I AM NO QUITTER!! Besides, there are things that I want to do that I don't or won't because of being the FAT CHICK that I am.
I started Weight Watchers last week, it seems to be the best program out there and there is alot of support so........ So far so good but we will see tomorrow when I weigh in.


Anonymous said...

heh... she said The Twig Twins. i love it!!