And so it begins....... Adventures as a FAT CHICK

This is something that I have been thinking about doing for a while but I finally decided to say "SCREW IT! NO BETTER TIME THAN NOW!"
However shall I begin the rantings of this self proclaimed FAT CHICK? I will start by telling you a little about myself-
I am a thirty-something female living on the east coast struggling with my weight, like most women in this country. I have a good career, a nice apartment and I am getting ready to buy a new car - sounds pretty normal huh? It is until you add in that I am a FAT CHICK! Even though most of the American female population has some kind of a weight problem, we are looked at like we are less than human and don't have the same rights. And the bigger you are, the less human you become to some people. We can walk into a store like Victoria's Secret and be looked at like an alien. Why? Probably because it would take 3 bras and 8 pairs of panties to make what we would need but WE COULD BE THERE TO BUY A GIFT FOR OUR SKINNY-ASS FRIEND or to buy some perfume or lotion. Here is an example - A few years ago I went into Victoria's Secret with one of my not so skinny-ass friends so that she could buy some underwear and bras. She may not have been super skinny but she could fit into some of their LARGER sizes. She found several bra and panty sets that she liked and was trying them on while I kinda mosied around the store looking at stuff. There was something that I was interested in getting but there was no price so I asked one of the OH SO SLIM sales girls. When she turned to see who was calling her and saw me there, she looked as though I had just stolen her favorite shirt, spit on it, threw it in a pile of dog poop and stomped on it while singing Sweet Transvestite from Rocky Horror Picture Show. Now, my money was just as good an anyone else's money in there, in fact, I could tell by looking at some of these kids that I had much more money than most of them combined! The OH SO SLIM sales girl said she would be right back with me when she got the price that I was looking for and walked away. I waited for almost 10 minutes and then went looking for her just to find her in the dressing room helping some size 2 waif try on a bra. Just as I was watching Skinny Minnie, my friend came out of her dressing room with probably $150 worth of stuff to buy, this was in addition to the $60 of stuff that I was planning to buy. Wehn I explained to her what had happened, we just knew what we had to do..... my friend asked Skinnie Minnie what her name was, it was Jessica. We then went to the counter and asked for the manager. When the Manager came out to the counter, we placed all of the items on the counter and asked her to ring them up. She did and the total came to right around $200. We then told her that we would not be buying any of the items at this store because of the poor treatment that we received from Jessica and explained what had happened. The manager was oh so apologetic and asked us to please reconsider and even offered a 10% discount on the purchases but that was pretty much an insult on top of the insult that I had already received so I just laughed, turned and walked out of the store. It was great to see the look on Skinnie Minnie's face as we left and as her boss called her into the back.

As most women, I want to try to loose weight and we all know how much fun that can be. I guess that is what this will be all about.....
My adventures as a FAT CHICK!!

Let the adventure begin.... join me for the ride.


Anonymous said...

i hope they docked her commission, stupid bitch.